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direct selling company Jobs in Chennai - PTBI

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Vestige Marketing Private Ltd is a India based HealthCare IT company and Direct Selling Industry, We providing overall India 3500+ branches, crores of distributes working in this company and reaching many branches and working many distributors in Tamilnadu, covering major cities Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirunelveli, etc. We offer both an Healthcare, FMCG products and MLM Business Service. We are seeing for a full-time Credentialing Specialists.

PTBI required working for direct selling company base in Chennai.


  1. No Qualification, Need Self Curiosity Thoughts
  2. Need to Purchase Products Rupees 1000/- (Purpose Consume FMCG Items, Not selling)
  3. Familiar with Public Intermediate Person
  4. Need to Spent 2 to 3 Hours timing, ability and sincerity person.
  5. Self-motivated and able to work autonomously


  1. High comfort level working on Any Day and Any Time
  2. Good internet access at home
  3. Android Mobile

Advantages of Direct Selling Company Jobs in Chennai

  • Higher margins.
  • Strong customer relationships.
  • Promising business model
  • Opportunity to adjust business to customers’ needs.
  • Improving Invitation, Presentation and personalization.
  • Better control at every movement of customer Rejection.

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