Part Time Business in Chennai

Part Time Business in Chennai -

PTBI – Let start a best part time business in Chennai? Work Smart no burden. Here are giving good to earn and posting part time business ideas in Chennai for the business owner in you.

Online Part Time Business Ideas in Chennai 2022

  1. Offer Blogging Services
    Blogging is one of the great online part time opportunity which you can start with zero or very minimal investment. You can write about your day to day today experience is or about products and even do collaborator contents also include ads in your blog which paves way for additional income. There are thousands of people who get benefited by choosing blogging.
  2. Offer IT Services
    We cannot live without technology and this opens way for various IT services. For smooth running of a firm or an application IT services plays a vital part. Working from a remote location is possible for this and there are various IT and IT enabled services which can be done as a part time work from home job or visit to client place if necessary.
  3. Open an Online Store
    As internet place significant role in our day today activities you can open an online store and sell any products with less margin and earn profit through that because you save a huge some from rent on other necessities. Also, can be done at any time makes it a great part time business option.
  4. Start a Housekeeping Agency
    Starting year housekeeping agency is also a good part time option, it requires a little ground work and attention for smooth management. Collecting database of the housekeeping workers and finding places to deploy them helps to facilitate smooth process. Housekeeping services are necessity in current time from maintaining a normal household to running a big firm or hotel.
  5. Offer Food Delivery Services
    The increasing use of internet has paved way for growth in ordering food and hence growth in food delivery services. Food delivery is one of the finest option to pursue as a part time business. Considering its rapid evolution in recent days. Make sure to follow the food sanitation guidelines.
  6. Part Time Food Court Services
    If you can offer to invest few pennies then you can consider opening the food court which provides extensive food choices and thus increase in sales. Also, the service can be provided during peak hours of the day by analyzing the place and sales. The increasing number of it parks in Chennai makes it possible.
  7. Start Online Math Tuition
    Finding a good math tuition for children can be a task. To enable easier access to people in different location try teaching it online, not only for children of lower grades, if you are good at math’s then consider teaching part time mathematics even for college students.
  8. Online Training Courses
    If you have a hobby or passion which you are good at then consider offering courses of the same through online. There are various platforms which help you to achieve this. May it’s be parenting or photography, phonetics or app development you can provide online courses and it is a great part time option.
  9. E-commerce Business in Online
    You can consider starting an E-Commerce business either by creating an application or website. But, this is not the only option you can also utilize the available E-Commerce sites which enable to sell products. E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing business in current era and it requires less time of your day.
  10. Sell Ready-to-cook Spice Mixes
    Ready to spice mixes or a blessing to working women and students. Spend a few hours in your kitchen for those who could not afford that excess time and make a good quality spice mix of different varieties. There it is, a convenient Home based business in Chennai
  11. Grocery Delivery Services
    Grocery delivery services can be an add on advantage if you already have a grocery store. You can also provide it as an add on service with your local grocery stores. Have a plan and do the research and establish it with proper logistic services then it is a good to go business.
  12. Offer Recruitment Services
    Considering how competitive the job market today is recruitment services are an excellent choice to consider as a part time business. Start-ups and big organizations reach to recruitment services for hiring considering the time and effort it requires.
  13. Open a Stationery Store
    If you are someone who are fond of finding unique stationery items, then opening an online stationery store and sharing your joy with the fellow humans and also earning through that with minimal investment makes it a ready to go part time business.
  14. Start Yoga Classes
    If you are someone who have yoga certification and couldn’t find space at your place to share the knowledge to other individuals then virtually world is your best friend. Enjoy teaching it online and make it a yoga part time courses.
  15. Start Meditation Classes
    In a world where mental health has become an utmost priority. Meditation is a great way to help people attain their mental peacefulness. Make sure you have proper training / certification and advertise it smarter to achieve your goal in the online part time business.
  16. Bharatanatyam Dance Classes
    Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest and traditional classical dance but learning this art is not easy because of the availability of the classes. So teaching it online makes it easier to reach a wide range of people. You can do a full time job during morning and take Bharatanatyam classes as a part-time during the evening.
  17. Classical Dance Classes
    Many office consider only Bharatanatyam as classical dance but they are broad range of classical dances in India. If you are one such classical dancer then please consider teaching it online as a part time business and make these dances extant through internet.
  18. Part Time Sports Club Activities
    Given that you are having an empty land of few square feet’s you can utilize the empty space to create either a table tennis, Badminton or even for dancing and cycling. You just need to maintain the place and flourish it as a successful part time business.
  19. Part Time Event Management Business
  20. Sell Organic Fruits & Vegetables
    People are willing to spend money on their health and aware of the damages caused by chemical usage. So, there are extensive use of organic products. Selling organic fruits and vegetables is an awesome idea for a part-time business. You can either do it online or offline.
  21. Open a Tea Stall
    You can open a tea stall just with the minimum investment and without much paper works and sell tea only during the morning and evening according the sales and the probability of losing here is very less thus making it a fruitful flexible time business.
  22. Offer Vehicle Repair Services
    If you have adequate knowledge about different vehicles then consider offering it as a part time service. For example performing regular maintenance of vehicles, replacing or fixing a flat tire makes your job easy and less time consuming.
  23. Offer electrical repair and maintenance services
    Bearing in mind the number of electrical devices we use in our day today life, we can’t run a day without one.  So, if you have experience in handling various electrical devices then this is a job where this always demand. The refrigerator, AC are few items which need regular or yearly maintenance.
  24. Open a Milk Parlor
    If your area doesn’t have a milk parlor nearby then you can open one for not only selling milk but there are other high demand milk products such as paneer and other varieties of cheese items along with curd and ice creams. You need to pay an invest a small sum to take franchise of milk parlors.
  25. Open an Ice Cream Parlor
    Unlike other Chennai part time business ice cream parlour requires a good investment for place and other equipment’s necessary. So, if you could afford a little and plan everything well in advance including the advertising strategy then you can rock this one.
  26. Start a Biryani Stall
    The love for Biryani is never ending in South India. No matter how many number of existing stalls people always will be in search of good biriyani. If you could nail one then boom!!! Your evening part time job is ready and you can definitely start it with your home kitchen.
  27. Open a Beauty Parlor
    Beauty and beautification services are always in demand now since people are more aware of their looks. If you have completed certification in beauty courses then opening a beauty parlour in a small scale is a beautiful part time business option in Chennai. Maintaining good hygiene is a way to go.
  28. Online Real Estate Advisor
    People are always looking for good investment options and real estate is one such. Given you have extensive knowledge in real estate background and provide ideas for maximizing the investment and evaluating according to market shifts, then you can have multiple clienteles and make a good profit even doing it as a part time business.
  29. Part Time Max Life Insurance & Finance Advisor
  30. Advocate & Legal Advisor
    Making online legal advisement is one of the best way to have huge client base and also help more people to be aware of legal rights. So, if you have a law degree part time legal advisement for different people online and educating and helping them acquire legal documents and make informed decisions helps a heap.
  31. Part Time Health Care Business
    There are many healthcare business sectors available in India. Chose one which serves your purpose of starting a part time business like a gym, marketing of herbal products, wellness centers etc., Increasing demand in healthcare and awareness of people makes the growth of healthcare business inevitable.
  32. Freelance Online IT Consulting Services
    Its best home based business opportunities in Chennai without investment, As a freelance IT consultant you can work with various organization from small scale to large scale and helping them developing their ideas to align with the current technology with cost and time saving option is a major part. So, freelancing the consulting service will make sure you have enough consultations all through the year and have enough time to update your knowledge.

New Business Ideas in Chennai 2022

  1. Direct Selling Business
  2. Offer Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services
  3. Start a Breakfast Joint
  4. Offer Cloth Alteration Services
  5. Offer Babysitting / Nanny Services
  6. Start a Logistics Company
  7. Start an Event Management Agency
  8. Start Digital Marketing Agency
  9. Vestige Network Marketing Business Easy to Earn (Work from Home)
  10. Start Vacation Rentals
  11. Start a Xerox Shop
  12. Start Auto Components Manufacturing