Zero Investment Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

Zero Investment Business

For the people who thinks what to do in Tamilnadu without huge investment?! Scroll down through our page to find the endless zero investment business ideas in Tamilnadu to work with. Your mind and your hard work is the real investment and not the monetary. Here is your bread and butter make use of it.

PTBI teaching & consulting some list of Zero Investment business ideas in Tamil Nadu, Have you ready to start? Are you ready to get earn more income? You’ve come to the right place. Here are around astonishing business ideas in Tamil Nadu to feed the entrepreneur in you!

Part Time Business Ideas for Ladies – Zero Investment

  1. Customized Gifting
  2. Matrimonial services
  3. Freelance photography
  4. Freelance SEO Content writing
  5. Freelance Typing & Copy Writing Work
  6. Online Baking Business
  7. Handicrafts Business
  8. Online Tutoring & Training Classes
  9. Social Media Management Business
  10. Online Social Media Marketing
  11. Web design & Development Services
  12. Ecommerce & Affiliate marketing

Investment Business Ideas in Tamil Nadu with Great Returns in 2022

  1. Poultry Farming Enterprise
  2. Event management Services
  3. Food Truck or Fast Food Center
  4. Bakery Business
  5. Travelling Tourism Agency Business
  6. Beauty Parlour Business
  7. Online Instructor
  8. Fishing (Retail & Wholesale)
  9. Start a South Indian Food Business
  10. Create an Online Store
  11. Open a Salon
  12. Start Drop shipping
  13. Open a Rice Mill
  14. Sell Handmade Woolen Apparel
  15. Open a Turmeric Processing Unit
  16. Start a Pickle-making Business
  17. Start a Macaron Export Business
  18. Open a Tea Processing Unit
  19. Offer Math Tutoring
  20. Start a Cotton Distribution Business
  21. Start a Cashew Export Business
  22. Start a Clothing Venture
  23. Open a Poultry Farm
  24. Offer IT Consulting
  25. Sell Packaged Food Products
  26. Provide Homestays
  27. Sell Handicrafts
  28. Start Offering Courier Service
  29. Become a Flower Supplier
  30. Real estate (Brokerage or Builder)